Pot Bearing
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Pot Bearing

Designed and manufactured in accordance with KS F 4424, it is composed of a rubber plate that accommodates vertical load and rotational deformation. It is a device that smoothes the expansion and contraction behavior by sliding of PTFE and stainless steel
NO. Name Material
1 Upper Plate SM490 Or equal or more
2 Piston SM490 Or equal or more
3 Pot SM490 Or equal or more
4 Pad CR or NR
5 PTFE - Disk P.T.F.E
6 Stainless Steel STS 316
7 Fixing Bolt Grade 10.9
8 Anchor Socket SS400
9 Dust Seal CR or NR
10 Brass Ring Brass


By inserting a thick rubber plate between pot and piston, the hermetically sealed rubber plate accommodates all the vertical loads and turns acting on the superstructure. Seal with a brass ring to prevent the rubber plate from protruding between the piston and the pot wall. Technically Proven PTFE and stainless steel are installed in one-way movable end and multi-direction free movable end to smoothly accommodate the expansion and contraction behavior of superstructure by sliding between the two.


Due to a long history of bridge bearing products with many experiments and construction experiences, the regulations on pot bearing are clearly stated in KS F 4424, which should be observed when pot bearing is manufactured.


good applicability to small and medium-sized bridges and already has a lot of construction experiences in Korea. The allowable rotation angle of the rubber plate is 0.013 rad.


Fixed directional Multi directional movable One directional movable