Eradi Quake System
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EQS 받침

EQS(Eradi Quake System)

The basic function of EQS performs the same one such as "Load Bearing Device" which accepts rotation by providing force of restoration between the upper and the lower structure. When an earth quake comes, the sliding surfaces of PTFE and stainless steel dissipate much energy and MER Spring, mass energy regulator, provides the force of restoration.
번호 품명 재질
1 Guid Box SM490 Or equal or more
2 Bearing Block SM490 Or equal or more
3 MER Spring Polyether Urethane
4 Polytron Disc Polyether Urethane
5 Shear Pin SCM440 Or 10.9 equal or more
6 Lower Plate SM490 Or equal or more




The application of the same overhead load is smaller than other products, which is advantageous for securing the bridge distance of the newly constructed bridge as well as the bridge constructed before 1990.


The in-situ restoration force of the superstructure, which deviates from its position due to earthquake or other impact, is excellent.


MCEER (Multidisiplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Resarch) has performed Shaking Table Test, Static Load Test, Environmental Aging Test such as Temperature and Salinity, 100,000 dynamic tests on MER spring, which demonstrate its durability and excellent performance.


It is listed on the section 5-5 Pot Bearing and Disc Bearing (pp. 225-231) published by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation issued in 1999, Chapter 5, Standard Specification for Highway Bridge, and has been verified for its functions and domestic applications. Its simple structure and excellent performance make it suitable for various types of bridge superstructures. When repair or improvement of performance of a bridge which is not designed for earthquake-proof is performed, the seismic load is absorbed and dissipated without separately reinforcing the upper and lower structures only by replacing the bearing.


It has an excellent structure that can be judged by simple visual inspection. When MER Spring is in need of replacement or performance verification is required, it can be easily assembled and disassembled without lifting a superstructure of bridge.


When applied to new bridges or bridges which need maintenance, they can save the extra costs of excessive structural damage due to earthquake loads and ensure a stable and beautiful appearance.