Disktron Bearing
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Disktron Bearing

Disktron Bearing, designed to be properly applied to most types of bridges, is composed of "Polytron Disc" and "Shear Restriction Mechanism". "Polytron Disc" safely accommodates all the loads and rotations which are transmitted from the superstructure of bridge. In addition, the technically proven PTFE and stainless steel plate smoothly accommodate the expansion and contraction behavior of the superstructure.
번호 품명 재질
1 Upper Plate SM490 Or equal or more
2 Middle Plate SM490 Or equal or more
3 Lower Plate SM490 Or equal or more
4 Polytron Disc Polyether Urethane
5 Shear Pin SCM440 Or 10.9 equal or more
6 Sliding Plate STS316
8 Guide Bar SM490 Or equal or more
9 Anchor Bolt Grade 10.9
10 Anchor Socket SS400 Or equal or more


Simple structure

It is a simple structure to accommodate the vertical load and rotation generated from the superstructure by a disc (Polytron Disc) which does not require any separate restraining device.


It is a type of exposed structure of which defect can be easily identified by simple visual inspection.


Disc (Polytron Disc) has a stable load transfer structure by securing the flexibility to distribute the load as a whole.
They are of appropriate size and height to give a stability to the bridge structure.
As the disc (Polytron Disc) has an exposed structure, there is no risk of breakaway of the plate like POT bearing.


p to 0.04Radians (2.18 ') enables many possible designs which can be applied to most bridges.
It is easy to design a large horizontal force by controlling the size of the shear restriction mechanism.
The design of the anti-uplift disktron bearing can be conveniently done to match the condition of the site.


Applied Design Temperature : -73℃~121℃ (-99~250)
The performance is also excellent for railway bridges with large live load ratio.
Excellent resistance to sea water.
Superior performance in polluted atmospheric conditions

Product Type

Fixed directional Multi directional movable One directional movable