Pendulum Bearing
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Pendulum Bearing

SPS(Sliding Pendulum System) is a seismic isolation bearing which supports the upper structure. It enables an optimum structural design to make a long structural period and dissipate seismic energy by its pendulum movement. When an earthquake comes, it can prevent damages of aftershocks, due to its characteristics of self-restoration by curvature surface and self-load. It is unnecessary to replace any parts, as there is no expendable material. The frictional pad of Pendulum Bearing has excellent durability and high compressive strength and it can minimize the size of bearing and increase a service life.


SPS(Sliding Pendulum System)

Without any other external force or structure, it performs self-restoration by curvature of pendulum.

Easy to secure rotation and moving distance

By curvature of bearing, it is easy to secure rotation and moving distance.

Flexible Behavior, when earthquake

It enables to behave flexibly to seismic acceleration

Easy Maintenance

Due to its simple structure, it is unnecessary to replace any parts even after earthquake

Product Type

Fixed directional Axis Directiona movable Direction Perpendicular to Bridge movable Multi directional movable