Spherical Bearing
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1 Spherical bearing with wedge for controlling rotational reaction force
Spherical Bearing

Spherical bearing with wedge for controlling rotational reaction force relates to a bridge bearing with a wedge for controlling a reaction force of a rotary type, and is capable of sufficiently accommodating the rotational behavior of a bridge overhead structure while minimizing the occurrence of a gap between the wedges to resist the negative reaction force.

Spherical bearing with wedge for controlling rotational reaction force
NO. NAME EA Material
1 Top Plate 1 SM490 or SCMn2A
2 Middle Plate 1 SM490 or SCMn2A
3 Base Plate 1 SM490 or SCMn2A
4 Sliding Plate 1 STS #316
5 Anchor Bolt 16 Grade 10.9
6 Anchor Socket 4 SS400 Or equal or more
7 Anchor Plate 4 SS400 Or equal or more
8 Anti-Uplift 2 SM490 Or equal or more


The rotational behavior of the wedge to resist the buckling force can be sufficiently accommodated, minimizing the fatal damage such as fracture, crack, and buckling caused by the stress concentration occurring during the rotational motion of the upper structure of the bridge. The gap between the upper wedge and the lower wedge is reduced to minimize the problems such as cracks and buckling due to the impact load when the buckling force is generated

Product Type

Fixed directional One directional movable

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조달청 우수조달 공동상표 지정 혜택

◀ KEY SEG Type Spherical Bearing

조달청 우수조달 공동상표 지정 혜택

KEY SEG Type Spherucal Bearing

  • ICONSimplifies structure and improves stability by eliminating existing side blocks and unifying the lower plate to function as side blocks itself.
  • ICONIt is possible to separate the upper and lower plates easily by simply disassembling the bolt by changing the movement limiter, which is the biggest obstacle factor for separation of the base at maintenance, to a completely different type of prefabricated structure.
  • ICON It is easy to separate by simply dismantling key seg bolt, so it is efficient and economical for maintenance and replacement.

3Divided Spherical Bearing

ridge bearings are installed at bridge piers or abutment and serve to transfer the impact transmitted from the upper part to the lower part. As the time goes by, bridge bearings will be aged and damaged by the accumulation of fatigue. Most of the damaged bearings installed in railway bridges should be replaced by lifting them after breaking concrete, which takes a lot of time and cost. Therefore, it is recommended to design a separable bearings according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation and the Guidelines of the Railway Facilities Corporation.


Advantages (Based on existing railway bridge bearings)

- Structurally safe with minimum lift height during maintenance
- The time (less than 1 hour) and the amount of maintenance are greatly reduced, compared with the existing base replacement
- Replacement of bearing plate and PTEE only eliminates the entire base, thus reducing replacement time greatly.
- Easy removal of upper bolt (can shorten replacement time)

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Product Type

Fixed directional Multi directional movable